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A Date With Judy

A female counterpart to Archie Andrews this teenage situation comedy stared, as Judy, in succession Ann Gillis, Dellie Ellis and then Louise Erikson. The series ran ran from 1941 to 1950 on NBC for most of its term, moving to ABC in '49-'50.

Judy's social life was the focus of the series with nightly chats on the phone with her best friends Gloria, Mitzi, Eleanor and Stinky Edwards. "Her idea of the end of everything is the night the phone doesn't ring by 6:30 (signoff time in the West) to announce the arrival of a super date," wrote Radio Life in the summer of 1943.

Show Name Date Aired
Fathers Birthday August 1, 1944
Date with Joseph Cotton February 6, 1945
Oggies Band April 9, 1946
A New Dress for the Dance May 18, 1946
Playing Hooky May 4, 1948

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